Changes in flexographic
printing are rapidly occurring due to market
and government requirements.

Morin Flexo Printing Technologies is leading the
printing industry with new and innovative technologies to answer those demands.


Morin Flexo Printing Technologies leads the industry with the FlexoOne's™. Our latest flexographic printer surpasses all FDA requirements for barcoding and data matrix labeling.  FlexoOne an print a font size of point 2 while utilizing your original label footprint.

Morin Flexo Printing Technologies brings to this line the technology that surpasses our competitors. By using the smallest footprint in the industry and stacking up to 4 colors, Morin Flexo Printing Technologies fulfills the packaging and medical industries need for on-site printing of customer's multicolor labeling and barcoding single unit packages.

Size - Our footprint is 11-7/8” wide by 11-7/8 “ high by 36” wide.   The industry smallest.

Repeatable – We use only one closed loop stepper motor to drive all functions of the print cycle. This insures repeatability to within 3 encoder pulses (1 pulse is equal to .00137 inches) at 15 cycles per minute. We have incorporated an encoder that will follow the index cycle of any form-fill-seal (FFS) machine.
Ink Management – Ink Management is standard on all Morin Flexo Printing Technology printers - “Intelligent Ink Management System” which includes automated cleaning cycle during breaks or end of day maintenance.
Economical – Our Flexo printer is priced lower than our competitors for a complete system, including the “Intelligent Ink Management System” valued by other suppliers at $5,000 as an option. Other flexographic machines start at $50,000.
Modular Design – Modular design will allow for stacking the printers for multicolor printing (up to four color).
Durable - Our unit uses a ceramic-coated laser engraved analox roll for extended wear.
No Ink Flooding – Because of our patented single valve for ink and cleaner, the valve is self cleaning, eliminating leaking from backup of dried ink. We also hold our ink trough and doctor blade horizontally under the analox roll reducing ink loss.
Smart Interface – Our PLC communicates both ways with the host PLC to achieve smarter cycles.
(Technical Specifications)


For Form, Fill & Seal Packaging Machines
true  synchronous printing

bar-code and small fonts.

The FlexoOne™ system is an advanced rotary flexographic printer offering the highest quality printing in the industry. However, not only does the FlexoOne system offer state of the in production capabilities, particularly in terms of print quality, but it is also designed for reliability and easy maintenance. The printer has an extremely small footprint yet it is capable of printing up to 22-inch index. For two-color applications, the footprint is small enough that it can be mounted in tandem with a second unit.

Printing and Drive System

Stepper/servo motor drive gives precision reliability

True synchronous printer capable of printing two point type font even on 1059B and 1073B Tyvek

Eliminates seal disruption due to stretching of top web

Ink Management System

Auto fill at start-up

Auto clean after 30 minutes of idleness

Self Cleaning system maintains highest high print quality

Auto shutdown mode purges system automatically

Solid Construction

Hard coated aluminum frame

Solid frame members with dowelled components

Sealed bearings on all rotating components

Ceramic coated and laser engraved Analog roller

Ergonomically friendly design minimizes downtime and facilitates regular maintenance

Easy to remove print drum

Plug and Play electronics

FlexoOne's™ ability to realize savings in quick changeovers, minimize cleanup and repair costs is demonstrated by Smiths Medical. Click here for article.

(Technical Specifications)